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As we excitedly observe the start of ALPI Training’s communication campaign, it is time to reveal that we are glad to have been supporting ALPI’s founders with advice on their project and business plan throughout most of 2022. Since the very beginning, we have appreciated Jonas Darbellay’s and Maxime Grenot’s enthusiastic ardour, professional rigour and openness to constructive criticism.

Despite the troubled economic environment, our good relationship with them led us to invest in the project and effectively lead the round in the third quarter of 2022.

ALPI Training is an app which uses artificial intelligence to offer users of all levels bespoke training advice. With ALPI Training, there will be no more over-training, or other poor-quality training, and risking injury – just like a personal coach, the app knows specifically what is good for you. And if by some misfortune you already have an injury, the app will take your current condition into account and adapt so as to make you start, first and foremost, with recovery training.

ALIP Training
The medical science is brought to the app by ALPI’s team. Jonas, Maxime and one of their first partners Dr. Grégory Ornon all met as colleagues at the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre of Hirslanden Clinique La Colline, in Geneva, where state-of-the-art sports medicine is practised. After taking care of top professional athletes, they are now kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise through the app with the rest of us regular folk.

As for the tech, the ALPI team has been looking for a level of excellence that could match theirs, and it is no surprise that they found it at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL. Squarefactory, an EPFL spinoff company, is responsible for developing and maintaining the algorithm.

As a result, ALPI Training is in collaboration with prestigious institutions and some fantastic partner brands, such as: Swiss Olympic, Hirslanden, EPFL, ODLO and Cuore.

At this point, hundreds of sportsmen are beta-testing the app, and ALPI Training is coming towards the end of its marathon development.

ALPI Training is the kind of progress we like to foster: scientific excellence, enabled by the latest technology, serving a positive purpose. But, as we had the opportunity to declare to the press recently, the greatest force at work is that of the founders, who really do work with the mentality of champions.

Look out for the app; it should be released within a few weeks!