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A group of reflective, enthusiastic, initiative-driven individuals
Fabio Battiato

Fabio Battiato

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Fabio studied law, which he likes to present as one of the best mistakes he has ever made. Through his legal curriculum, he gained sharpness of thought and a solution-oriented spirit, always with an open eye on possible threats. Still, since he found law boring and is always craving for activity, his studies were a time for having various enriching experiences. He has been a school teacher, a waiter, a legal intern, and the national chairman of his 200-year old student society. With Sacha abroad, Fabio manages Leo’s daily operations and is the main spokesperson for our startups. He takes advantage of the situation to try and outshine Sacha. Areas of expertise: legal, management, diplomacy 
Grégoire Steinmann

Grégoire Steinmann

Junior Analyst

Grégoire is an HEC Lausanne graduate with a specialisation in Management, and is currently completing his curriculum with a Master’s programme in Finance. Alongside his studies, he was eager to get practical experience, and initially we hired him as an assistant. However, we quickly realised that his intelligence and passion for numbers made him far more knowledgeable than we had expected, thus we promoted him to Junior Analyst after just a few months. A scientific erudite and a tech nerd, he feels confident talking to entrepreneurs about their projects and shares our enthusiasm for great ideas. We feel lucky to have him!

Sacha Pictet

Sacha Pictet

Co-founder & Chairman

A former partner at FPP Asset Management in London for more than ten years, Sacha is a well-experienced PE investor. As an investor, he always liked playing an active role in the target companies. He managed or helped to manage a broad range of firms, from restaurants to pharmaceutical companies. His favourite industry used to be F&B, until he realised he could have, as an investor, a greater and better impact on society by focusing on ESG. Around the same time, he joined Geneva’s green-liberal party, cofounded transatlantic-based ESG investment fund Mutual Empathy and joined forces with his siblings and cousins to launch Leo Ventures. Married to a lovely American, he works from Miami. Areas of expertise: finance, business administration, strategy 

Chloé, Lara & Lorenzo


Because family is everything to Sacha & Fabio, Leo would be nothing without its beloved, first-hour supporters.

They joined forces with us

Swap Agency was founded in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the idea of ​​providing a high level video content production service at a competitive price.

Swap Agency’s CEO and Leo Ventures’ cofounder, Lorenzo de Miranda spent several years in the United States and Brazil where he acquired international experience and skills in the world of cinema, communication and marketing, which allow him to offer with Swap a quality product that adapts perfectly to any platform : websites, social networks and television.

Alcane Conseils was founded by chemical engineer and certified environmental adviser Henri Klunge with the goal of reducing the chemical footprint of companies, by showing them, they have no excuse not to act.

Alcane Conseils offer businesses a win-win solution indeed: to both embrace a more eco-responsible strategy and reduce costs. Including sustainability targets within one’s business model is too often seen as a wholly benevolent initiative, hence a gift to society only big companies can make. Alcane Conseils, however, demonstrate that companies have incentives to do so, the circular economy being a virtuous circle. From there, they help their client to implement such strategies.

Since 2000, Visuel has been offering creative solutions in design, graphic design, visual identity, as well as print and digital form to Small & Medium-sized companies. 

From the naming of a product or company to the definition of a visual universe and the production of a video profile or promotional clip, Visuel’s first role is to listen and to find the best way to reflect your corporate values. Because design should not only be beautiful or trendy. It must above all be functional. Just like in architecture, visual design builds communication floor by floor using your values as a foundation. 

Just imagine Visuel as a boutique in Geneva where creativity and the culture of service go hand in hand.