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We invest in purpose

We foster innovation and improvement by choosing our investment-targets responsibly, and by becoming faithful, benevolent and enthusiastic supporters for founders.

Sutainable finance


At Leo, our vision is that finance can and should be a means for innovation and progress. Financiers have this unique position indeed, where they help the market identify valuable ideas and foster their development. In our view, financiers fulfill a crucial function, because they act as a catalysts and steer the optimal allocation of resources. Unfortunately, in practice, many of them are not fully aware of this function and the associated social responsibility, and they fill it without vision or consistent governing principles.

As millennials, we, the founders of Leo Ventures, feel our generation has a great role to play in all fields of society, including finance. Our generation virtuously yearns for meaning, with a critical eye and a view to the long-term. As millennial financiers, we are part of this movement. We invest with meaning and we enable entrepreneurs to find and create meaning.

Active Investment

As it is known, money does not create happiness! Hence, more than mere capital, we want to bring active support. We aim at creating an environment from which our startups can benefit every day. That is another way we are different: we are not the usual stressful investor, plaguing founders in the hope of getting a faster return on investment. Instead, we guide them and challenge them in a positive way to find options that work, for the better interest of the business.

Since our interest is not in the short or medium-term returns, but in the fulfillment of the ultimate goal and in making a positive impact, we are there to support the founders with their needs and help them with the challenges they face, as long as they keep surpassing themselves.

Therefore, we have a continually growing circle of partners, providing useful services to the startups in our portfolio. Should an opportune service be missing, we are always available and open for any discussion in helping find a solution. On top of this, we ask our startups to consider themselves part of a community, allowing for valuable synergies and mutual support. Altogether, this amounts to many advantages we consider to be part of our offer, along with the funds.